[SOLVED] Alarm Pipeline and Delay Block issue

Please explain me this :slight_smile:

I have an alarmed tag with autoack. So I should have only one alive alarm at a time.
I want to notify every day if the alarm remains active, so in the pipeline I have a loop with a delay block (1 day) and a notification block.
I have a dropout condition for acked alarms.

How is it possible that I see in the pipeline status several identical alarms in the delay block? I should have only one alive alarm at a time! Multiple emails are sent every day and this is not what I want…

So, please explain me this :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Every time your alarm becomes active a new instance is sent to the pipeline. If the alarm instance makes it to the delay block it will sit in there for a day (or whatever the delay time is) even if the alarm itself clears. Once the alarm instance exits the delay block the system will check to see if the cleared conditions are true, if they are the alarm instance will then drop out of the pipeline. So it’s pretty easy to see how you could have multiple instances of the alarm in the pipeline at once.

What I do to keep unused instances out of the pipeline is just do a loop with a counter, you can loop 5 or 10 minutes over and over again. The alarm instances will drop out much quicker that way.


Not so good :wink:

Thank you Duffanator, so you suggest to make many small pauses to make the alarms go out of the pipeline soon, instead of let them stay for a full day, am I right?

That is correct. The drop out conditions only evaluate when the instance transitions from block to block. If you make it loop through some blocks a bunch of times there will be more chance of the alarm instance dropping out of the pipeline.

Duffanator, your solution keeps the pipeline clean.
Thank you!