[SOLVED] Center numeric entry field in Perspective

In Perspective I have a numeric entry field. One of the properties is the align property. My options from the dropdown are right or left. I can put center and it does center the text but I get a red error in the designer. Is this actually a problem for me or can i safely ignore this error?

I would consider that as a "non-standard GUI design warning". The only options considered (of all the CSS options available) for a numeric data entry field are left and right. Center-justified will be visually confusing, non-standard and give an amateurish look and feel to the application. Check out professionally designed applications for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. Don't cause unnecessary dissonance for your users.


I don't know if I am convinced that an integer numeric entry field for data collection purposes actually looks better as left or right configured. I am willing to admit that I may not follow best design principles either when it comes to Perspective.


If the user needs to enter into the system that the chicken laid 10 eggs this week I think I would still pick the Center option here. The reason I didn't use a text field is I wanted to limit the user input to numbers without extra scripting involved.

"We" use right alignment for numerical values is because it makes comparing values easier when you have several of them in a column. It makes things align neatly.
If you have just one of them, I guess it doesn't matter much in a bubble.
But if you have users who are used to right aligned numerical values and they stumble upon one that's centered... they might get the feeling there's something weird going on. Is it a numeric entry field ? Why is does it look like that ?

I agree with the alignment when there are multiple entry fields.

I just checked what options are available with a windows form and lo and behold...

I guess Microsoft lets you be visually confusing, non standard, and amateurish.

Funny thing, a search led me to this post from 2 years ago implying that this would be updated in an upcoming version:

I guess they haven't gotten around to it though.

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That is what I needed. Thank you for finding that.

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