[SOLVED] Connecting Studio 5000 Emulator to Ignition

Has anyone successfully in the last month connected their Ignition to a version of Studio 5000 Emulator? If so, what version of Ignition, Studio 5000 Emulator, RSLinx, and OS are you running? Did you install the OPC Core Components Redistributable package x86 or x64?

I am running Windows7 Enterprise 64-bit, Ignition 8.0.7, Studio 5000 Emulator v30.01.00, and RSLinx 3.9. In my Ignition I can see the PLC tags on the emulator but the values never come through.

Yes, I’ve successfully setup SoftLogix but Rockwell only supports up to version 23.

Earlier this year I was successful with Emulate v32, 8.0.2/3. Can’t recall x86/x64 fo OPC core components but was able to create an OPC topic in RS Linx and connect it to the OPC-com module.

Pretty sure I just followed this: https://support.inductiveautomation.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/4/0/setting-up-and-troubleshooting-opc-com-connections

It did not like large projects, once I had 20,000+ tags it would take 5+ minutes for emulate values to appear in Ignition tags.

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Thank you so much. With a combination of your link and the following:

I was able to get my Emulator setup working on Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit,opc-core-components-redistributables-3.00.107-20180130 installed, Ignition 7.9.10, Studio 23, and Emulator 23.

Tomorrow I’ll try a similar setup on Studio 30 and Emulator 30.