[SOLVED] CRLF in Text Area

Hi All,

I’m programmatically entering data into a text area, and I want the operators to be able to enter data into it sometimes, too. User text entry into the text area works well, and is able to include CRLF on pressing “enter”, so I know that the object supports CRLF in concept.

How do I programmatically write CRLF into a Text Area object?


I figured it out. I was trying different things by manually writing “\n” (etc) into the tag value which that Text Area was tied to, and the “\n” would then be written in raw text in the Text Area. However, writing “\n” into the text as part of a script successfully produced CRLF.

Thanks anyway!

I would love to see the Text Area object add HTML functionality.
I use it to display messages to production floor operators and carriage returns help with readability but it would be nice to add emphasis (bold, underline, color, etc.) to key information, especially error information.
e.g. ‘Invalid Part Number!
Only %s can be scanned at this station.’ %partNumber