[SOLVED] CSV Reader is getting older data instead of new selected file data

Good morning,
I have the following script running.

import glob
import csv
path = system.file.openFile("csv")
if path != None:
    for fname in glob.glob(path):
	    f = open(fname)   

	    csv_RosterData = csv.reader(f)
	    csv_RosterData = list(csv_RosterData)
    #Return CSV data.

I have two files.


When I run the script selecting Tuesday.CSV I get roster.CSV data showing up. Even when I delete roster.CSV and select Tuesday.CSV I still get roster.CSV data. Is Ignition holding onto the data in memory somewhere? I’m not sure how to overcome this particular problem…

EDIT: In my infinite wisdom I put a CSV file called Tuesday.CSV in another location with the data of roster.CSV. I was picking the wrong file path all along.