[SOLVED] Does the Ignition Gateway Logs have a setting to disable converting to local time?

I work with customers across the continental USA in various timezones. What I have noticed is a gateway might be running on Eastern time but the gateway logs automatically get converted to my timezone.

This becomes more problematic when I setup a script to run at 9am eastern but the logs show the script running at 8am (central).

I have looked for a setting to turn this off but don’t see one. Is this a feature that might be available in future versions of Ignition?

There isn’t a setting currently to override the time displayed in the logs to something other than your local TZ. However, you can use DevTools (in Chrome, presumably others) to override your location:

Overriding Location

If you’re looking at the wrapper logs, those emit based on a combination of the Java Service Wrapper we use (see wrapper.logfile.format for guidance on the entry in your data/ignition.conf file) and then the Logback configuration (see the logback manual for guidance on your data/logback.xml).

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Thanks, I just send important messages to the gateway so I have an easily accessible historical record of events and the timezone was really making it hard to interpret the results.

Shameless plug:
You can also download the log export and open it in Kindling, then select a timezone. Not as immediately useful as the web interface, but a possibility.