[SOLVED]Failed dependency when installing mysql-connector for Ignition on a Linux system


I am installing Ignition 8.1.xx on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 server. When I attempt to make a database connection to my MySQL database I get an error that connector files are missing. I believe the missing file is mysql-connector-java-8.0.29-1.e18.noarch.rpm. When I proceed to install this file I get the following error:

error: Failed dependencies:
java-headless >= 1: is needed by mysql-connector-java-8.0.29-1.e18.noarch.rpm

Does anyone know what this error is asking of me? I see that I could install java headless from https://pkgs.org/download/java-headless but it doesn’t look like they support Red Hat. I know Java has had some licensing changes in the last decade so I definitely want to stick with a free version of Java.

Thank you for any advice.

Edit 1: Installing the driver through Ignition was the best option to use. You can find the place to do that under the config tab on the gateway webpage under database device connections. It is called ‘Drivers’.

How are you installing the JDBC driver?
You should just need to download the .jar file from Oracle/MySQL, then load it onto the gateway; there shouldn’t be any OS level installation requirements.

Also, you can probably use the MariaDB driver as a drop-in replacement for the MySQL driver.

I tried the MariaDB and seem to have gotten one step further but this was the message from Ignition on the other connector. Where would I install the connector directly?

See this page:

The steps to provide the MySQL driver in the first place are basically the same as the steps to upgrade, listed here:

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