[SOLVED] How do you add a space/gap between parent queries on a nested query?

I am following this video from Inductive University.

At 2:55 in the video this screenshot shows up.


I have been able to replicate everything in this video but I can’t figure out how to take it one step further and add a gap between the end of any given red section and the next gray header. I am using a Tablegroup in my example.

Any help is appreciated.

I assume the grey is the header and the red is the body of the tables that make up your table group? You can add a footer and leave it blank to add some space.

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The very top row is the parent query header, the gray is the parent query details, and adding a summary to the parent query just puts a single row at the very bottom. The red is broken up into the child query header and details.

So I guess I would need to know how to repeat the footer… or maybe I could add a blank footer to the child query.

EDIT: That was the solution, adding a summary to the child query and keeping it blank.

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