[SOLVED ] Is Ignition moving towards Perspective exclusively or will Vision be around for decades to come?

I have had two separate customers come up to me and claim that Inductive Automation plans on eventually dropping support for Vision and primarily focusing on Perspective.

I have no problem with that happening or not but I am struggling with what to say to the customers. Should I be advising them that Vision will always be around? Should I be advising them to create all future projects in Perspective so when that day comes they are ready?

I can’t find a definitive answer on Google so I figured I would just ask here. I am sure there are financial motivations to not make such claims as you can sell more Vision licenses but on the other hand the customers that plan ahead shouldn’t be punished in my opinion.

We’ll also provide fixes and updates for Vision over the next five years as part of the LTS release.

So long term support until October 30th 2025 but likely limited new features? Is that the current state of affairs?

Perspective is explicitly recommended for new projects in the latter post.

If you are new to Ignition or an Ignition veteran looking to start a brand new project, we highly recommend that you use the Perspective Module. While you are more than welcome to use the Vision Module, the Perspective Module allows you to take advantage of Ignition’s latest features.

Using both right now, there’s no question we want to move to Perspective for all future development. The flexibility and convenience it gives us makes us want to convert all of our Vision projects to Perspective (one already done).
We also appreciate that Vision will be supported for years. While we want Perspective’s features for everything, Vision still works great and it’s not our top priority to convert everything existing.

We’ll also provide fixes and updates for Vision over the next five years as part of the LTS release. While we don’t plan to add any substantial new features to Vision, we will continue to improve stability and security. If you are currently using Vision, you can continue to do so and be assured that Vision will be there for many years to come.

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Until at least October 2025.

And, yes, Vision isn’t going to get significant new features, but we’re still constantly pushing new fixes and updates.

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I just want to say that we are starting to look more toward Perspective for new projects and I am starting to slowly get up to speed with how Perspective works.

There is still one huge feature missing from Perspective. And that is the ability to draw natively in Perspective. We draw all sorts of P&ID type drawings, and I just don’t see how the current offering of importing SVG and drawing pipes in a Coordinate container is close to being enough. I realize the development team is still working on some new tooling, but if the idea is Vision could be losing support in 2025 it seems the development team has a lot of functionality to port IMHO.

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I won’t consider Perspective ready for control rooms or fixed-location HMIs until the Workstation product better supports client machine identification and some (limited) local execution. Specifically, custom code for local input devices that doesn’t rely on keyboard/keystroke emulation.

If Vision is gone from the v8.3 LTS some years from now, I’m likely to be very disappointed.


There was another thread asking if IA were pushing Perspective over Vision, and the answer is of course they are.


Why is Maker Perspective only?
Why does the quickstart in 8.1 not have a single Vision resource?
Why are the elective studies on IU at least 66% focused purely on Perspective?

I have heard IA refer to Vision as their legacy module. IMO, it is their stable module. Like Phil, I hope to see Vision still around in 8.3.

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They must keep it (Vision) until my pension is here… a few more years…