[SOLVED] Is there a property available to modify the width of the PieChart in ring mode?

I have this code running on a PieChart.


It makes my PieChart look like this:


Is there a similar property in java that allows me to modify the thickness of the ring? Is there a way to view all properties available to me?

I learned about this recently from this link:

I you trying to make the ring “thicker” i.e. increase the stroke, or increase the size of the chart component to make it larger as a whole?

The pie chart in ring mode is a RingPlot.

The method you want is setSectionDepth, where 0.0 is no rings and 1.0 is a pie chart.

As a general practice when dealing with objects in Ignition (especially Vision), start with print type(object), and, given the class name, see if you can find a javadoc, either from IA or whatever third party we’re using. @pturmel also has an inspect.py script (posted on the forum) that has an introspect function that’s immensely helpful.

I’m constantly amazed at how durable that sucker has been. It is older than Ignition–first used to poke under the hood with FactoryPMI. (Ah, the good old days!)



  1. I was able to print type(object), google it, and get to RingPlot (JFreeChart 1.5.0 API).

  2. Is this the inspect.py you are talking about? finding-all-available-methods

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Yes, but that might be out of date. The latest version is always here:


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