[SOLVED] Memory and slow

Hello everyone, I have a project but in the gateway says that I am using this memory of 4096,

when in the designer launching I have 2048

Does anyone know why this happen?

It says you’ve allocated a max of 4096mb for the Ignition Gateway to run. This is configured in the ignition.conf file where Ignition is installed.

The Ignition Designer and Vision Clients are separate programs, for which it looks like you have 2048mb allocated.

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Thank you so much

The memory usage shown in the gateway is that in use by the gateway service on the machine it is running on.

The memory setting you're looking at in the designer is what is used for the clients. This is the memory that the client will be allowed to allocate when running on whatever machine it is running on, weather that is the same machine the gateway is running on or not.

The are separate programs, most of the time on separate hardware.

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Thank you so much