[SOLVED] Moving labels on a column container is difficult

Does anyone else find it unreasonably difficult to move components on a column container around? If I add in 3 or 4 labels and then want to put another label near the top it is extremely difficult to just move a label into that position without recreating the entire column container from scratch.

Does anyone else experience this problem or is it just me?

Can you better explain plz if you are speaking about table component and its props.columns[idx] or what?

Probably about this,

Yes i is super annoying… Even if it was workign tho i avoid using column compent as it requires you to rearange everything 3 times (small/medium/large) way to much work xd


Sure, on this Perspective column container if you want to move the purple label in between the red ones all i will say is GOOD LUCK.

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The position.breakpoints properties are going to be key here. Dragging and dropping items in a column container is pure chaos. Setting the rowIndex and the order for every item in the container is tedious, but yields much better results.

For something like what you’re showing, I prefer to set all the labels to a rowIndex of 0 and then increment each one’s order to my liking, which results in them wrapping to the next “row” (pretty sure that technically it’s really just the same row expanding to display all its children, but whatever).


Wow, that is so much easier!

I wonder why all labels get set initially with the same numbers.

We have a ticket on the backlog to…show the column container some love, I’ll say. No timeline I can promise, but we’re aware that it’s got some warts.


Some changes to the column container are landing in 8.1.14. We’re not done with it, but it is getting better.


That is exciting news. I will try it out.