[SOLVED] Open window in script tag changed

Yes. It worked as expected, which probably means I'm doing something differently. Which tag are you using to initiate the client tag change event script?

I am using Alarma_Canal_Vacio, let me check

btw, you don't need to use getCurrentValue() and getValue(), you can just use currentValue and value. E.g. currentValue.value and previousValue.value

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I tried as your code but did not work, do you have other script in somewhere?

Hmmm. That's interesting, so when a session is first started, the very 1st time the popup opens, the correct tag values are not written to the labels, but every popup that occurs after does write in the correct values?

I think the project did not update well, because I close it and later it work about values but, do you think is possible use two tags for the tag change script and add information to the labels from two tags more if any of the two tag changes script is activated?

Yes; you can have multiple tag change scripts.