[SOLVED] Project Retarget between gateways issue

i’m trying to retarget a project to another, placed on a different gateway.
i get several exceptions in doing this and no combination works:

test from Ign 7.6.3 to another server 7.5.3 is OK
test from Ign 7.5.3 to another server 7.6.3 (backward) gives me that:

SAXParseException: The declaration for the entity "HTML.Version" must end with '>'.

then the client logs out
(see attachment 1)

test from Ign 7.6.3 to another server 7.6.3 (but a project created with a previous version) gives me that:

SAXParseException: No manifest found.

then the client logs out
(see attachment 2)

any suggestion?
thank you

I have hit SaxParseExceptions in the past when accidentally forgetting to add “main” on the end of the retarget URL. What does your retarget script look like?

i used

system.util.retarget("Projname", "___IP___/main")

i also tried to align the java version used on the gateways, using now the Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_45 on both servers.
nothing to do…

solved! :thumb_left:
the issue was i did not specified the PORT after the IP, since i use the port 80 and i thought it would be the default… but it’s not.
Walter by EFA Automazione helped me

thank you