[SOLVED] Restoring a gateway project to 8.1 deleted one of my projects?

I backed up a gateway in version 8.0.16, uninstalled 8.0.16, deleted any remaining Ignition folders, and installed 8.1.1 today. One of the two projects in the gateway was “missing” when I went to restore the gateway to 8.1.1. I fired up another virtual machine and restored the same gateway file to 8.0.16 and both projects were in the folder.

Is this a known issue?

No, can you open a ticket with support and provide your backup that demonstrates this?

I can probably do that… I need to confirm I can share these projects first.

Unfortunately I can’t share the projects per customer request. I tried to simulate the same situation again on the same VM. I uninstalled 8.1.1, deleted relevant Ignition folders, installed 8.1.1, restored the same gateway and… both projects were available.

Makes me think it’s something on my machine but alas I’m not clever enough to figure it out.