[SOLVED] Retaining Perspective Text Field Entry Values after a save occurs from the Designer

I have a Perspective project with a text field (or numeric entry). When the user enters a value and a save occurs from the Designer the text fields and/or numeric entries revert to the default value (of nothing typically).

What is the correct way to retain user entries in Perspective projects?

Thanks in advance.

I think you are asking, “What is the correct way to retain user entries data in active Perspective clients during a project update?”

Three options I can think of:

  • A simple solution is to use the Project Properties | Perspective | General | Enable Update Notification | Timeout and message to give enough time for the user to save the data being entered.
  • Another way is to create session variables for each data entry component. Session variables are not erased during client update. It might be possible to create a dictionary of values which could be used by each of the different views. You would have to consider how this would work if the same user has multiple clients open on the same or different pages.
  • Create a database table to hold the temporary values as they are entered until data has been saved. You might need to have an expiry time on these rows so that it can be cleared out after some time.