[ SOLVED] Support basic care igniton

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I have a question. Does anyone know if support plan basic care is per year? And also, wich will be the range time for support? Or the range time will be for 24 hours?

Basic Care is typically a one year term and provides access to updates as well as email support. If you're looking for 24 hour phone support, you'll want to look at one of the higher support levels. Talk to your Inductive Automation sales rep for all the options.


Thanks, but do you know the range of the time for the basic support?


Email. Don't expect a same day response.

Will be as asking in the forum, as I can understand

Basic Care is more than that, but not necessarily faster, so not ideal for urgent issues. We use it for upgrades and occasionally send an issue. Support may follow up with us by phone, but that is at their discretion and may be days later. I'm guessing this depends on their current workload. Higher priority support costs more. So far we have not had a reason to want it, but I'm sure it's worthwhile in other scenarios.


I would suggest taking a look at the Policies and Pricing section of the Support Policy page.



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