[SOLVED] Timezones in Ignition Component Scripting

Good afternoon,

I have the following code in 2 places:

dateAdded = system.date.format(system.date.now(), "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss")

The first place is a powertable on the ‘onCellEdited’ function. This returns a date 2 hours from now. I also have the code in the project library running under a custom definition. This returns the proper time identical to the client computer.

(I also see in the Ignition Gateway (running in timezone C) that the gateway thinks it’s in a timezone 2 hours behind current local time.)

What gives? How do I sync all my timers?

What is the project setting for client timezone? One of the options is to use the gateway timezone, and I suspect that is what you are set to.

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Client PC and Gateway Server say they are both running in Central Time (UTC -06:00). They are showing 2:32 PM currently.

Do you have a timezone override in the gateway ignition.conf file?

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I was able to find this in the conf file… but I don’t know how it got there. I can most definitely say it wasn’t put here manually by anyone.

How would i rectify this?

You can probably delete parameters 4 though 8, especially if you aren’t aware of any reason you added them. You’ll have to restart the gateway after that.

If nobody explicitly added these I would guess they came from a backup you restored at some point, maybe even as the basis you built your entire system on.


Thank you both. Deleting those parameters fixed all my time problems.

You are correct; I was working from a backup I restored.