[SOLVED] Unable to OPC to RSLogix DINT datatypes

What is the easiest way to OPC to an Allen Bradley PLC and read a DINT datatype?

Everything goes great until the DINT overflows into the second INTEGER.

Any help is appeciated.

It should be hitting it up correctly. How are you trying to do it?

Well this is embarrassing. After further analysis I found I forgot to change the datatype from Int to Long on the Ignition side. All is working now.

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Cool. I like it when stuff works. :slight_smile:

Just so I’m on the same page, is this a 7.9 install? I just made a new tag in v8 to test and didn’t have to change datatypes.

Version 8.0.7

Huh. I tried both by browsing the tree in the tag creation dialog and by dragging the tag from the OPC browser, and both worked as expected.


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