[SOLVED] Upgrading Ignition Mobile app in 7.9 to Perspective App in 8.1 Licensing question

I am trying to upgrade an Ignition mobile app from v7.9 to a perspective app in 8.1. When I go to view the perspective app in a web browser I get the following error: License does not permit running this application in a web browser. Please download and install the Perspective mobile app.

The license in the gateway shows the following:

Perspective v 2

browser: false
edition: standard
mobile: true
workstation: false

On the upgrade guide the following information is displayed:

However, this doesn’t mention any licensing issues that might come up? Anything I can do to help the customer? They have a single web app they need to access.

Your trying to open it in a web browser, the 7.9 mobile app upgrades to the mobile version of perspective only. The web browser version would be a separate license. When 8.0 originally came out mobile and web browser were selected and purchased separately. Now the only time that impacts anything is when upgrading in the way you are or for people that only purchased one version of it before the new license setup combined all of them into one.

So what license do I need to ask for from our sales representative?

I’m not sure if this restriction on upgrades is intentional or not–might be worth checking with your IA sales rep. As @bmeyers notes, there used to be a differentiation but it has been removed on new purchases and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d remove the restriction on your existing application as well–though you’d have to ask them.

If you want to look at it in a web browser then you need the web browser perspective license. If you just need the mobile version then you can download the mobile app for android or apple and run your perspective project with the license you have.

@witman it is. I ran into it with a customer that did a similar upgrade and asked the question to be sure. They had to purchase the other licenses to obtain the web browser functionality.