[SOLVED] Version 8.07 doesn't show 'Update Mode' in settings

It’s a minor thing but in v8.07 the Project Properties don’t show ''Update Mode" text anymore above the Notify/Push options for updates.

This was done to make it clear that they are a Vision module concept and that they are not accessible in Perspective. Of all the things that changed in 8.0 I don’t really see what the problem with this one is.

The missing Update Mode label was fixed somewhere between the version you’re on and the current version.

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I would be fine with that explanation if the folder “Vision Client Tags” didn’t disappear when I navigated to the Perspective windows.

It originally was visible when in the Perspective workspace. Leading people to think those tags would work in Perspective. That tree was deliberately hidden to break that mistaken intuition. Correctly, in my not-so-humble opinion.


I’d also agree with that choice. I just want my tag paths to be visually consistent with what I navigate to in the tag tree. It is a minor thing though and I do feel bad opening a thread to discuss it. All around Ignition has been the best HMI software I’ve ever used.