[SOLVED] What is the cheapest way to get a copy of a DeviceNet file off of a 1769-SDN?

I am upgrading a MicroLogix 1500 LRP to a ControlLogix L33ER and the old system has a 1769-SDN DeviceNet file on it.

What is the cheapest (but reliable) way to get a copy of the DeviceNet file off of it? I assume because this is a new architecture I have to remap some of the DeviceNet file.

Any advice/help is appreciated.

Put it in a powered chassis. Keep the processor in program mode. Connect via RSNetworx to the DeviceNet side of the SDN with a suitable DNet bridge and upload from node 0 (the SDN).

If I configure the L33ER I/O tree and put it in the existing rack can I upload from the DeviceNet card through the L33ER?

What DNet Bridge would you recommend knowing I am on a budget? The MicroLogix is powered up currently.

I don’t think so. The SDN is not a bridge, IIRC. (The “B” in the 1756-DNB is for “Bridge”, by contrast.)

But try it. :man_shrugging:

I have an old 1770-KFD that still works, so I don’t really know what the market is like.

If I had a ControlLogix PLC and a 1756-DNB setup I could grab it then? The 1756-DNB is a lot cheaper than the 1770-KFD.

Yes. The DNB is very capable.

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