Some general questions in Ignition

Hi everyone
I’m not using ignition and heard it’s a create SCADA. Before jumping to it I need to know some info regard it.
Thanks in advance for any help.

1- Is it possible to use Arabic char in ignition and report?
2- Is it possible to use create circular progress bar animations from basic object? like fill bar animation instead of vertical it is circular.

3- Is there any limitation in client when use mobile access compare to web launched? like speed, report, …
Most SCADA software have some limitation in HTML5 client.
4- If other SCADA software want to access ignition tag, is it possible for ignition to act as OPC UA server for its internal tag?
5- How two ignition server can communicate to each other?
6- is it possible to use any serial GSM Modem for SMS moudule?
7- Is it possible to zoom in/out in runtime and hide object depend on zoom level? like clutter/de-clutter feature
8- Is it any plan to implement GIS in future?
9- Is it possible to transparate an object visibility by analog tag? 0=hide 0.5=half visisble 1=full visible

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Yes. Java has native support for international character sets and Ignition has a variety of translation aids for developers to deploy localised projects and/or multi-language projects.

There is no native circular progress object. There are user-contributed composite objects that provide this functionality.

Major limitations. Ignition’s current mobile support runs a virtual client in the host and ships screen images to the actual mobile device. A number of user interactions are unavailable in the current client. Ignition v8, due out in the near future, introduces a new HTML5 module called “Perspective”.

Yes. All or none, though.

Ignition has its own secure gateway network technology which can be optionally enhanced with the enterprise administration module. They can also connect to each other’s OPC servers and pass generic scripted messages under developer control.

Only specific modems are known to work and supported. Others might.


Support by third party mapping add-on modules is available.

Varies by object, via manipulation of alpha in both foreground and background colors. Not a simple control.

Hope this helps.


You can check this online demo.

To use the native client, follow these steps.


  2. Download the native Client Launcher and install it.
  3. Select “Manually input Gatway” tab, copy paste the link in step 1, press apply and contnue.

Thank you for your comprehensive answer.
I check the mobile module and it’s really disappointing. Until now the best Mobile client I’ve seen is in wonderware 2017 release.
There is a great chance that the new HTMl5 module missing a lot of component like other vendor in the first release.
By the way what is your guess for release date of v8.0?

You might have come across a SCADA, much better than Ignition. If so, please share your experience here.