Some Perspective Custom Properties are not visible

Anyone got an issue where some properties are not displayed in the Perspective Property Editor

Some property are not displayed in the custom section, but are clearly in the JSON code behind the scene

any way to prevent this from happening

props.custom.ApplyingCorrection is marked as transient (not persistent), but has no value; what would you expect the property editor to display in this case? Without either a binding or a value, a property is 'undefined' - it has no state.

It's possible there's a bug in that we should have removed ApplyingCorrection from the prop config when there was no more value or binding, but it's not a bug that it's not displaying, because there's nothing to display.

The properties was created in the Designer as a boolean, with the value false, and marked as non persistent, so I was expecting the value in the json to be set to false, and everytime I open this view for the boolean to be false as set originally

How can I set the default value to false? Should I edit the JSON file every time I modify this view?

If you want it to 'initialize' to false every time, make an expression binding with the literal value false in it. The expression will only run once, on startup, and, crucially, will deliver a value.