Some query tags not refreshing intermittently

Ignition 8.1
Good morning all I have a issue with a few tags not refreshing the value. I have hundreds of tags in this project tag and only a few have this issue. This particular tag is the standard seconds per cycle. Users hover over the actual seconds per cycle to see the rate difference.
Things I have tried

  1. Delete tag and recreate
  2. Change time group
  3. Change data type
  4. change tag to fixed rate .

Any help on this would be great I have been fighting this for months now and its getting some real visibility on the data. This is becoming a weekly and some times daily occurrence.

I tried support and did not really get anywhere. So I am hoping some of you have seen/solved this issue.

If the result from the query does not change then the last published value does not update. So I would say it is a problem with the query. You also should not run that query once per second as it appears you’re doing now by using the default tag group. Ideally you would not poll for this and would rather execute the query on demand based on a user action.

On the component you’re hovering over try adding a script in the mouseEntered event handler. This will execute the query once when the mouse is moved over the component and move the result to the mouseover text.

event.source.toolTipText = system.db.runScalarQuery("your query here")