Some Remotely Provided Tags Missing

I have a few problems with some remotely provided tags. First issue is that some and only some tags don’t poll until I actually look at them in the tag browser. So on a component they don’t update or just says Uncertain_initialValue. But sometimes those tags saying Uncertain_initialValue will go away if I double click on them. Also I can’t edit or add any tags despite having my Tag Access settings in Service Security say ReadWriteEdit. Out of all that my biggest issue is not seeing some tags at all as shown below comparing the source to the one polled remotely!
Note the status folder:

Any help is much appreciated.
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EDIT 1: I’m using the latest Ignition 8.0.6 version

It looks like you’re using a 7.x.x version as well as version 8.0.6.

I’m sorry I don’t have much help to offer on this, but it sounds somewhat like the issue I noted here:

This issue will likely go away when we have both servers on version 8, though we haven’t had a chance to confirm that. I have not see the issue where some tags don’t show at all.

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Thank you for your response,

Initially I thought that might have been the case also but I found it odd that I could see some tags but not the others. And some of those not until I clicked on them in the Tag Browser. It is unfortunate, because I am working on a newer version of our current 7.9.11 implementation so it is not possible for me to directly update that version currently and very time consuming to add all devices and databases individually. Was hoping for an easy fix! :sweat_smile:

Interesting thing to note is with the tags that I can’t see (Like the one aforementioned in the original post), I can still use it if I address it via Expression functions or Scripting! Just not via the tag browser which I found very odd!


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