(Some) transaction groups didn't reset

Hello everyone,

I have an issue working with my Transaction Groups within Ignition today. The Transaction Groups are used as Hour Meters and are set retentive with a reset condition. The whole thing has been running for a few weeks and so far no problems have occurred. However, over the weekend I encountered the problem that some Transaction Groups (all have the same Reset Condition, every morning at 6am a bit goes to True for ~10 seconds) did not reset. I am also historizing this data. If I want to retrieve the rows in the table which have not hung up, this is not a problem. However, if I want to retrieve the rows which have hung up, MySQL only gives me the error code 2013: "Lost Connection to MySQL Server during query."

Can anyone help me there? My idea now would be to restart the Transaction Groups first, but I would like to find out what is causing this error before I reset everything.

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What is the pace of the groups in question? If also 10 seconds, the natural inaccuracy of the timing could result in a miss. Or any hiccup that delays a group's execution.

Consider not resetting your meters. Simply record them on interval as the count indefinitely. Any desired interval's quantity can then be obtained by subtracting the end value from the beginning value.

Your Lost Connection issue might be relevant, but I suspect simply exposes poor indexing of your table. Be sure that your table's timestamp column is indexed.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

The transaction groups execute every second. There are 20 standard groups and each has 5 tags (2 basic items and 3 triggered expression items). It is for a detailed machine status analysis.

When I saved the the group, it didn't reset. I had to disable and enable it again.

That fixed it for me, but I am still interested how it could happen.

Hey everyone,

I did not find any solution to my problem. I changed it to use the DurationOn option of my tag, so the transaction groups aren't needed anymore.