Sort multidimensional array based on second part in first column

I have a multidimensional array like:

Array = [[142 Bob,9,70],[152 Abe,152,0],[14267 Mike,98,8]]

I need to sort it based on the names in the first column, so that I end up with:

SortedArray = [[152 Abe,152,0],[142 Bob,9,70],[14267 Mike,98,8]]

I have tried using the sorted-method like:

SortedArray = sorted(Array, key=lambda x:x[0])

This will sort the array, but it will sort based on the number in the first column and not the name.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

>>> Array = [["142 Bob",9,70],["152 Abe",152,0],["14267 Mike",98,8]]
>>> SortedArray = sorted(Array, key=lambda x: x[0].split()[1])
>>> print SortedArray
[['152 Abe', 152, 0], ['142 Bob', 9, 70], ['14267 Mike', 98, 8]]