Sort OPC Item

In the Factory SQL Configuration screen:

Is there any way to sort the browsed OPC items.

I notice I can sort the items I selected and plaed in the database.

It would speed up the process of selecting item if I could sort them


Hi John-

Yes, unfortunately there is currently no way to sort them- the are displayed as they are returned from the OPC server. This will be taken care of in the next minor release, though I can’t say at this time exactly when that will be. Likely on the order of 2 weeks, as there are currently no serious outstanding issues.

If this is causing you a lot of problems in your development right now, I can send you a patch update with only this fix. Email support AT if your interested in this.


If its an easy patch, I’ll take it. Otherwise we can get along a couple more weeks.



Hi John-

I’ll get it together for you tomorrow. It will just be a normal installer.



I just sent you an email with the link for the update. Let me know if you got it, or if you have any questions.



Thats much better. The OPC items are now sorted in alphbetical order. Thanks