Sort Template Repeater

Ignition 7.8.3 (yes I know the client needs to upgrade)…

Is there anyway to sort the templates in a template repeater by a value (date) shown on the template?

Client has 100 pieces of identical equipment. 100 instances of a UDT are used to get information from the equipment. A template repeater is used to show templates bound to these UDTs. We need to be able to sort what is shown by a date stored in the UDT.


Once they’re in the repeater there is no property which allows for sorting. You should sort the Template Parameters you are supplying before they’re applied - in your SQL query, or as a last-ditch effort you could apply a propertyChange script which sorts the data (small datasets only).

If you’re reading from hundreds of UDTs, you might want to use a Gateway timer script to regularly construct a tag which builds itself from the referenced UDTs and then sorts by date. Then you could bind the Template Repeater’s Template Parameters property to this new Tag.