Sorting Projects in Gateway

Is there a way to sort projects in the gateway by name/date created/etc.? So far, I have been unable to find a way to do this, and it seems that the projects I have created so far are sorted randomly in the project list.

Thanks in advance,

Brandon Hughes

In Ignition 8, the project status page is a sortable table. Date created isn’t one of the fields, but you can sort on name, title, etc.

Thanks for the response. Also, is there a way to sort projects in the designer recent projects list? Currently, it sorts these randomly as well and I have not yet found another way to launch a project in the designer other than selecting it from the recent projects list. Am I missing something simple?

You should be able to open a project from the File menu.

Are you referring to the file menu on the designer? If so, when I use file → open project from the designer it brings up the following window.

As you can see, the files are not in any particular order.

I think this screen is being redesigned right now, we should be able to improve on this.

@Kevin.Herron this screen is in fact currently going through a redesign.

IIRC, it sorts on the project name but shows the project title in the list.


Awesome. Thanks everyone