Sorting Tables in the Gateway Status Pages

There seems to some shortcomings with regards to sorting some of the tables in the gateway webpage. See some examples

Time mostly sorts on text alphanumerically, but also sometime does its own thing. This is the OPC Connections uptime list:

Store and forward sort alphanumerically on the displayed text, not the underlying value:

Sorting names on the devices page only sort the items already on that page, not across the entire list of devices. Initial order is unknown. Adjust the list size works. This is only the device on page 2 sorted:

Yes, this is a longstanding known issue. Unfortunately, it will likely persist until 8.2, when we’re planning to revamp the backend structure of the web interface significantly.

Thanks. It’s obviously not a major issue, but makes monitoring and tracking down issues harder than it probably needs to be.

Thought it might be some low hanging fruit.

I’ll wait impatiently for 8.2