Sound Player Stopped Status

Wow… that title was a bit of an alliteration…

Is there any way to tell when a sound player has reached to end of its clip?

What are you wanting to do?

Okay, say I have an alarm for when a line goes down and it turns on the trigger for a sound player, in this instance playing a 50 second clip of the theme from Mission: Impossible– fun with development, right there. I need to know when the clip has run it’s course, so that I:

a) don’t try to change a single player in the middle of the play, or
b) don’t have multiple players running at the same time.

That’s why i was looking for some sort of status from the sound player. If we can play it once, or loop it, then we should be able to see when it has stopped.

Eventually, I’d like to cycle through multiple sound files (“Line 1 is down”, “Line 3 is down”, “What are you doing, Dave?”) depending on our various alarms.

The only property of the sound player that would let you know if a sound is playing or not is the trigger. So you could use an expression or write a script that checks to see if the trigger = true.

The only problem with that is if you have another sound clip that is triggered and the original is not acknowledged and the trigger still = true, then the second would not play.

There isn’t currently any way to tell if the sound clip has played through.