Sound Player -

I have a project that involves sound. I need to be able to trigger a sound files on a trigger.
I know that Ignition has a sound player and it works great with one sound to one output. But I have a unique requirement. I need to be able to play more that one sound on more that one sound card at the same time. I am not looking at a surround sound application. I need to use different sound cards because the speakers are not going to be in the same room.

I did some looking on google and and I think that Java supports more than one sound card. (was looking at using USB sound cards) I was just wondering if it could be done with Ignition. Now I am no Java programer so code samples would be needed. I also think it would have to be a Linx machine also. Anyone got any ideas?

I’m not sure about directing sound to different rooms - perhaps using devices like home media players, IP cameras with audio output, or even “audio modules”. The idea would be finding a device that could trigger the playback of audio files via an HTTP request. Try looking under “digital message repeater” or “audio over IP”. … bwodAzffww

As far as the PC based approach - if you had an Ignition workstation in each area, you could set up your central project to trigger different sounds for that area (which polls for changes). It’s a little bit messy in that you rely on a computer to be up with a client project running for the notification to work. You could set up “heartbeats” with SQLTags that indicate/alert if those projects are not running.

Its not a big problem if it can’t be done easy. The way I am doing it now will work fine. I have a SOUND repeater card that I can store hunreds of sound files on the card… I then us a trigger (PLC output) to trigger the card. A speaker is connected to each sound repeater and a sound file is played based on the address triggered. Sometimes I like to change the sound files and I then have to go to each repeater and remove the SD card… change the files and reinstall the card. I thought maybe I could do this all from a PC and all the files would be local.

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I know that VLC has this capability …