SoundPlayer Unable to create audio clip

I’m getting an IllegalArgumentException when selecting a WAVE file for the Sound Data property on this component. I’ve tried a number of different standard/default Windows System sounds (they’re all WAVE files) and none of them work. This sees like something that should “just work”. What do I need to do to make this work?

Are there any more details to the exception? Can you post one or more of the files you’re trying here?

For some reason I cannot copy and paste the details from the exception window, which is really annoying; probably a Windows thing where I reboot is required.

But I do have a little more to share just in the last minute: Running the component on the same gateway machine “just works” as expected. It seems to not work, and get this exception, from other client machines.

I’ve tried a number of the WAVE files from the C:\Windows\Media directory.

Thanks for the quick response.

Is the error Unable to create audio clip.? The inner IO exception would have more details, but if that’s the ‘main’ message you see, then the issue (according to Java) is the client machine(s).

Yes, the error is as the thread subject here.

The problem seems to have been solved by rebooting Windoze. Wonders never cease.