Source Control questions

I am seeing this :

If I have many people working on the same project how manage the conflicts/merges?
What happens with the database updates?
Do we need to share the same database updates? Do we need to catch the changes on the databases (I mean the default database of the designer?) with some like Flyway?
What is the ideal setup in a Development Team distributed?

Hello. GitHub pushes will help here. However Ignition does not particularly lend itself well to DEVOPS as much of the configuration is dependent on the internal sql lite database. I believe they are moving to a file based system but do not have details of the release plans.



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All gateway config is moving to the filesystem in a format similar to the current project system in 8.3.0, slated for release Q4 2024:


Thank you

Hey @Gustavo_Rojas, I recently released some documentation on a recent forum post that might be able to answer some of your questions on how to develop in a team-based environment, and also how to keep up on database changes with our project template. While there are many options, we typically use Docker to build a local environment with Git and Github to manage changes.


Thank you I will check