Source Control

Hi all,
I’m wondering if there is a way to use a source tracking solution (eg SVN, CVS) for maintaining FPMI projects. Basically we’d like to keep tabs on the scripts/action code over its lifespan. What do you guys do to look after your source?


Because FactoryPMI projects don’t exist as user-readable files in a traditional way, they are somewhat cumbersome to mate with a source control system.

You can:

  1. Export projects after save and put them in your own source control system.
  2. Simply add the “db” folder under the factorypmi install directory into a source control system like SVN, but you’ll have to manually do a commit in an SVN client in addition to saving in the Designer. It will be somewhat awkward, and the diffs won’t be helpful since the system isn’t versioning text files.

Have you seen the Project snapshot feature in the Gateway configuration page?

I’ll enter integrated script source control as a feature request - I like the idea. As my own little twist I’ll also add project archival as an option when you save for easy restoration.

Thanks for the replies. I have been indeed using the project snapshots, and I’ve been using a textfile on the side as sort of high-level tracking on changes. I suppose it is working out well for me, but I could see that for some large projects this wouldn’t really be feasible.