Source of builtin images? Accidentally deleted one

Coworker was making changes to a button. This image Builtin/icons/16/exit.png was referenced in the image label path. She went to erase it from the property, it asked her if she wanted to delete it, and it apparently deleted it in it’s entirety from our gateway so now many windows have a red x where that image was used. Unsure exactly the steps that happened that ended up deleting the image.

Is there a place online I can download this image so I can upload back via image manager and fix this?

Open any zip installer and drill into data/db/imgimport/Builtin/icons.

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You know what, I just realized, I have multiple VM’s with the same gateway. I will just grab one from there. Coffee finally kicked in. Thanks anyway @pturmel

Might wanna brew some for that coworker, too :smiley:

I don’t blame them at all, they’re still only 2 weeks into using Igniiton. Kind of impressed they were able to delete an image just from changing a button’s property - it’s keeping things fresh for me, keeping me on my toes lol.