Source Timestamp

Sorry for my english, I’m french.
I use a OPC server, that return timstamped data, Factory SQL don’t take the timestamp from the opc server. How i can have it??

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You are correct. FactorySQL uses it’s own t_stamp value.

You should be able to read the timestamp from the OPC server just like any other value. You may or may not be able to browse this value directly. Double click on any OPC item and change the item path to whatever the OPC server expects. This will vary between OPC servers.

I’ll test that.
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do you know how to acces to a variable attribute Like the Item timestamp?

See the screen capture of Opc Explorer

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Unfortunately, right now FactorySQL doesn’t provide a way to access the properties directly. HOWEVER, the opc server is free to expose them as addressable items, but in this case it looks like they haven’t done that. In that screen shot, you can see that there is an Item ID column… if the property was addressable, that would be the value you could use to get to it.

That said, I’m not familiar with the OPC server you’re using, so I don’t know if there are any settings or ways to expose the properties. It may be that you can expose a tag based on the property of another tag.

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I think it’s a very good improvement for factorSQL to give us access to this property directly.
I hope that Sofrel help me, I’m not sure…
Thank you very much for the time

I agree that it would be a nice addition… however, the main problem is that if FSQL can’t “subscribe” to the properties (which it can’t, if they don’t have ItemIDs), then it won’t receive updates for those properties. The application would have to poll the server for changes, which is not how it is set up now. Not exactly an impossible task, but still a bit of work for something that isn’t requested very often.

Now, I’ve said all of that in terms of real “item properties”. The fact is that every OPC value that FactorySQL receives has at least 3 pieces of information available: value, quality and timestamp. I’m not sure if that timestamp matches what the property browser was showing- by the time fsql could use it it would probably be a real date object- but it would at least be a time coming from the opc server. At any rate, shortly we expect to make the quality and timestamp accessible directly, so that may help.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope you get something working.


That is not very urgent but for the futur i need this time stamp I use some special API that are disconnected from the server and the OPC poll every hour and serve to factory their value with the timestamp.

When we can have access to the item properties please?

We will be making properties available through action items very shortly. I can’t give an exact estimate, but it will be in the 4.1 release.