South Docked Window moves off screen

Hi, I have a North docked and a South docked window. When I open a popup in the Main window and drag it down, it pushed the South docked window off the screen by expanding the Main window. Is there a way to keep the South docked window in place?

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JGJohson’s reply post (search for “Popup window over docked windows”) gives a method for capturing the movement of the popup while you’re dragging it. Thanks for that! :thumb_left:

You replace the title bar (or you can remove it entirely if you prefer). With his method, you can set the mouse almost anywhere on the popup (except input areas) and drag it around. It worked nicely for me in that the popup would drag over docked windows and even off the screen. I did have an issue when I closed the popup and reopened it. Then it expanded the master frame. Once I moved the popup inside again, the screen was ok.

In our case, we didn’t need the popup to really go over any docked window. We just needed it to APPEAR as though it was going under a docked window or off the screen where there isn’t a docked window.

So our work-around was to resize the popup as it is being dragged so that it never can ‘push’ a docked window off screen or expand the screen. We had to set it up so that it remains within bounds so that you can still ‘grab’ it with the mouse and/or be able to click a ‘close’ button if you want. The java Toolkit has a couple functions that help you get the screensize of your monitor so you can incorporate that if needed.

And since the location and size of the popup are stored in the cache, when you close and reopen it, it will be right where it was and the same size as it was so it won’t expand the screen.