SP call with multiple result sets


I’m doing a migration of a C# application to a Ignition Perspective one. I’m trying to apply almost everything the same from the C# app into my perspective application.

I’m working with Ignition 8.013 (we are planning to upgrade to 8.1.20), and using SQL Server as DB, with that in mind…

I’m trying to replicate a view that execute a store procedure to get multiples tables at a time when an option in a dropdown is selected… the problem is that the SP return 5 tables that the C# app manage along the code, but when I tried it in Ignition the function “system.db.execSProcCall” only bring me the first table instead of all 5 tables…

I don’t really want to modify the SP because that will affect the old app on C#, so Is there a way to obtain more than 1 result set on Ignition?

No. Just one.