Sparkline doesn't show future data

I’ve being playing around with the sparkline and discovered that it will not return historical data with a time stamp in the future. The easy chart has no problem with this. What is the difference in the SQL that would cause this?

(The data is in the future because it’s been stored with a GMT time stamp)

More confusion. I waited over night in order to get data stored in my timezone. But it still refused to retrieve data from the history db. I then changed the time source for the tags to be system and immediately got a full trend. :/

I think you’re barking up the wrong tree. The sparkline will just draw whatever datapoints it is given, past, present, or future. I think maybe your queries weren’t returning anything? Maybe a time mismatch between the dates you were passing to the query system (sqltags history? raw query?) and how it was interpreting them?

Sorry Carl, I missed your reply.

You could be right. I’ve been unable to reproduce the problem since then.