SPC Control Capability chart in report

I am using the SPC module to collect samples of this tag. I would like to make 2 graphs in the reporting module. The first would be like this script and I am looking to show upper set limits and lower set limits too.
The second graph is a histogram, and I am looking for some code to display the count of samples that were in each bin where I can set the bin to be to the nearest degree and show the standard deviation bell curve too. How can I accomplish this?

    definition = "SQLTag-Solder Pot Temperature"
	attribute = "DegreesF"
	filters = "Location=Luvata Waterbury\Wire In Channel\Solder\Solder Line 1,FromDate=2017-08-14 07:00:00 -0800,ToDate=2017-08-14 8:00:00 -0800"
	controlLimits = "Individual LCL,Individual UCL"
	signals = "Individual Outside"
	dataformat = "Individual"
	spcSettings = system.quality.spc.settings.createSettings(definition, attribute, filters, controlLimits, signals, dataformat)
	spcSettings.setOptionalParams('RowLimit=100') # limit the dataset while testing
	# get the analysis results
	spcResults = system.quality.spc.getSPCResults(spcSettings)
	# get the table data
	spcData = spcResults.getTableResults()
	# Create a new column that will hold any value that is out of range
	# cycle through the rows in the dataset and determine the new column values
	# if the value is outside the limits then it will have a value and can be plotted as a point
	# if it is not outside then we must set it to be Not A Number
	for row in range(spcData.getRowCount()):
		isOut = spcData.getValueAt(row, 'Individual Outside')
		#uclVal = spcData.getValueAt(row, 'Individual UCL') # this value will plot
		if isOut==True:
			measVal = spcData.getValueAt(row, 'Measurement 1') # this value will plot
			#uclVal = float('NaN') # this value will plot
			measVal = float('NaN') # this value will not plot
			#uclVal = spcData.getValueAt(row, 'Individual UCL') # this value will plot
		#uclVal = spcData.getValueAt(row, 'Individual UCL') # this value will plot
	# create a new dataset with the new column added
	newData = system.dataset.addColumn(spcData, colCount, columnData, columnName, float)

You can get the dataset by using the Hisogram dataFormat, but, the report chart does not support the generation of a bell curve or creating the bars from the data as far as I know. The Histogram Chart component does that natively.

You can save off the chart image to a file and then place it on a report:
comp = event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Histogram Chart’)
But, this may not be a good solution for automatic reports.

This is a feature for reporting that we need to do more investigating.

Pete Low
Tech Support