SPC data in report


I’m trying to figure out how to use report parameters (Setpoint tags) to make a Cp calculation. I have the std deviation between a start point and end point, now I would like to use a formula, lets say (HiSP - LoSP) / (6 * stdDev) for the run.
Is there a good way to do this inside the report designer? Could I display those values on something like a spider plot? Even another column in my tag_calc table would be good enough. If some one has an idea, please do tell. Ignition 7.9.1.

You can perform math operations on report parameters inside of any text box, including table fields. Assuming that all of those parameters are defined, you can do something like @(HiSP - LoSP) / (6 * stdDev)@ in order to show that calculated value.