Special char in SMS notification block are not correct

Ignition 7.9.4
I have alarms name with spécial car like ’ or é or ê

Example : Alarm name : Arrêt d' urgence zone 0
tagpath : Eaux/Energie/AU_ZONE_0

In SMS notification block message is : APPARITION {activeTime|yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss} : {displayPathOrSource} - {name}

on my Phone the message send by the Airlink LS 300 is :

APPARITION 2017-10-10 08:56:11 : Eaux/Energie/AU_ZONE_0 - Arrè d' urgence zone 0 Code ack : 'mnlipc'

In Email, the name is ok, in Alarm table components the name is ok too. Any Idea ???

Air Link LS300 mention message Body format : ASCII HEX, does Ignition make some char conversion ?

We looked at this issue back in 2013, because it appeared we should be able to successfully use things outside of 7-bit ASCII. However, Sierra Wireless told us that their modems “probably don’t support that”, and we couldn’t get any further support on the issue from them. We eventually gave up trying to make it work. :\

You might look into the Twilio module instead. Twilio’s service offers full Unicode support, so your 8-bit ASCII will work as well.

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Thanks Kathy,
I stay with LS300, but for the sms message I clean the text with :

import unicodedata
def normalize():
  s=unicodedata.normalize('NFKD', s).encode('ASCII', 'ignore')
  return s.upper()
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