Special character º in label doesn't copy correctly

I have a label on a tank that displays the last temperature. The label text property is bound to this: {Root Container.ctrEast.ctrTank1.LastTemp} + “º”

The “º” symbol for degrees is Alt-167. When I copy this tank component to display several tanks, the label on the 2nd tank is this: {Root Container.ctrEast.ctrTank2.LastTemp} + “º”
Then the next copy is this: {Root Container.ctrEast.ctrTank3.LastTemp} + “º”

I have to go into each tank and remove the special characters on the temp label.


Here’s a work around.

It takes advantage of the HTML “&#176” tag to specify the degree symbol.

This avoids the apparent bug in the pasting code.
DegreeDisplay.fwin (9.45 KB)

The HTML entity ° should work also.

It is a bug in the encoding going in and out of the Windows clipboard. We’ll get it fixed.