Special chars in Ignition e.g. ó

Hello Community,

I am working with a perspective table and an onRowClick Event.
While this works fine, I encounter issues when working with Spanish words that have special characters in them.

E.g. I have a column named "Razón".

When I simply declare a variable with this string and push it as unicode to a textfield, this works fine.

However when I try to push the table selection directly to the textfield it doesnt work (not doing anything). Looking into this, I cannot even declare a variable with the value of that table selection, the issue already happens there so I have no way to manipulate that string.

Logging that exception using system.util.getLogger gives me u'Raz\xc3\xb3n' in Ignition Gateway Logs.

What can I do to get my Designer to work with that special chars ?

Thank you

Post code - not pictures of code!

I've never had the problem you describe as I'm almost always working in English. Try adding the Unicode identifier.
spanish = self.props.sellection.data[0][u'Razón']

I would be interested to learn if this works.

Trying this

self.getSibling("TextField_0").props.text = self.props.selection.data[0][u'Razón']

Logs a malformed path error in the logs

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Malformed path: selection.data[0].Código

Código is actually another column so seems this is mixing it up.

The strange thing is this will somehow actually push the text from row 0 in that column to the text field, no matter which row I click and then log the error

Additional info, looks like the table (even showing text correctly) doesnt like that chars as its stating invalid Key Errors for that columns


Mappings in Perspective are very strict about keys. They must be legal json identifiers. Do make sure that all of your jython string constants use the u'sôméthiñg wèird' syntax to prevent them from being scrambled.