Specification of server

how can we determine the specification of server for ignition scada. what are the key point to keep in mind while designed the server

It’s impossible to say without knowing what your gateway is actually going to do.

Are you running a single Vision client, or a hundred? Are you expecting five concurrent Perspective sessions, or five hundred? Are you logging history on twenty historical tags, or two hundred thousand? How fast? Are you running your database on the same server as the gateway? (if possible, don’t do this). Are you reading tags from one device, or a thousand?

In general, Java prefers having more memory than less - how much that actually means, again, depends heavily on what your server is actually doing. Also, Java/Ignition generally does a good job at using multiple CPU cores - but generally speaking, server CPUs already prioritize core count over raw clock speed anyways.

If you need more specific recommendations, I’d recommend getting in touch with our sales engineering department.

thanking you