Specifying login information to the native client launcher

I have a system that is up and running with Windows domain SSO, but would like to add a Linux client (Raspberry Pi) with some sort of automatic login. The client will be a display in a public space, so I want it to be able to power on and open Ignition without any input. Is there a way to specify user and password to the client launcher command? My other idea is a separate launcher project that immediately retargets to the destination project via a startup script, but that seems kinda klugey, so I was wondering if there is a slicker solution.

You cannot add login parameters to the native launcher settings, however you can set the project to automatically log in for you. By doing this and configuring a script to run the native launcher upon system startup, it will automatically login the client without any user input.

I can’t do auto login with SSO enabled, or at least it doesn’t look like it; is that correct?

Yes, that’s true. It’s either one or the other.