Spinner control allowing out of bounds entry

I have a spinner control tied to an OPC value, and the min and max bound to an expression. The min and max values are displaying correctly in the spinner properties window. It also appears that the min and max binding work fine when clicking the spinner, however clicking on the numeric field and directly entering a number with the keypad appears to bypass the min / max values. Whatever number I type in it allows.

What version of Ignition are you using? I’ve tested this in 7.3.3 and it works correctly for me. You can always enter whatever value you want, but it won’t get sent to the PLC unless it is in the acceptable range. You can see that when you enter a value that is too large the Value (Integer) property doesn’t change when you hit the enter key to submit it.

I am using 7.3.2. I think the issue is with the touchscreen behavior. I tried it with touchscreen mode turned off and it worked as you describe, but with touchscreen mode on it allowed me to enter whatever value I wanted in the pop-up keypad and it passed through to the Value property and the PLC.

OK, I see that. I’ll let the dev team know.

This is fixed in 7.3.4